Clean isn’t clean until it is validated! Our disinfection experts use the right products for the right situations. As part of our process, we test each surface to make sure it is clean and safe for you, your employees, and clients.

Responding to COVID

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, many businesses are scrambling to figure out a plan to survive as they anticipate a major economic hit, and how to make sure their facilities are as germ-free as possible. Obviously, we do not like to see a situation like this — a pandemic, but we also know that our services are greatly needed during these unprecedented times. Traditional janitorial services aren’t equipped for this, and you can’t run to Home Depot for supplies & advice on this one. Spraying, fogging and wiping isn’t an effective defense unless you can prove it was cleaned and disinfected properly. Let our experts take the lead and get the job done right.

A Team of Experts

EnviroVac has public health practitioners and respiratory care professionals on our advisory board. These experts inform our practices and decisions, ensuring that our services are in line with the best advice from scientists regarding disinfection and protection from infectious disease. The experience of our leadership and our advisory board will keep us informed of the most current and most effective mitigation controls.

The Top 5 Mistakes Companies are Making with COVID-19

1) Taking a TACTICAL verses STRATEGIC approach
COVID-19 is not your only problem.
2) Thinking that spraying, fogging and wiping is an effective defense
Can you prove it was cleaned & disinfected properly?
3) Playing defense…
Verses Offense.
4) Thinking like a DIY’er…
Traditional janitorial services won’t cut it AND you can’t run to Home Depot for supplies & advice on this one.
5) Planning for this to be over soon…
“Can we call you if we have an outbreak?” isn’t a plan.

Our team customizes solutions to get your project done right and completed quickly.


  • Protect Your Family
  • Protect Your People
  • Protect Your Business
  • Protect Your Legal Downside

What We Offer

  • Effective Cleaning & Testing
  • Thorough Training & Monitoring
  • Proper Chemical Disinfectants
  • Clinical Quality PPE
  • Testing & Validation Equipment
  • Maintenance Staff Training
  • Monthly Monitoring Program

Industries Served

  • Schools
  • City Governments
  • Offices
  • Churches
  • Venues

A Focus on Safety

At EnviroVac, safety is our highest priority. Safe work practices are at the center of everything we do, from task conception to completion. EnviroVac is proud to be the only NCCER accredited industrial cleaning company in the Southeast, and we are honored to be the very first in our industry to obtain the prestigious OSHA VPP Star.

EnviroVac Service Lines

Dedicated to environmental and industrial cleaning services for over 25 years.

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