Outage & Turnaround Services

Our outage team is dedicated to providing our customers with the safest, most-effective methods available in the industrial cleaning industry.

Saving Time.
Saving Money.

EnviroVac prides itself in being able to offer turn-key outage and shut down services. Beginning with the development of a thorough schedule, our team prepares for every outage by combing through the details of each job, day by day, from start to finish.

Transparency & Cost Management

Budgetary estimates can be provided along with the scope and detail of each operation, for each and every job during the outage. The outage team communicates with area managers and plant personnel to remain up-to-date with changes before, and during outages, to prevent unplanned down time, and reduce costs. In addition, our outage team utilizes our ERP software to provide real-time cost management to plant personnel on a daily basis to maintain the highest level of integrity and understanding during an outage or large-scale project.

Our team customizes solutions to get your project done right and completed quickly.


  • Staff of Industrial Cleaning Experts
  • Saving Our Clients Valuable TIme
  • Cost-Controlled Timeliness
  • Comprehensive Data Reports

Some Industries Served

  • Paper Mills
  • Steel Mills
  • Automotive Manufacturing
  • Refineries

A Focus on Safety

At EnviroVac, safety is our highest priority. Safe work practices are at the center of everything we do, from task conception to completion. EnviroVac is proud to be the only NCCER accredited industrial cleaning company in the Southeast, and we are honored to be the very first in our industry to obtain the prestigious OSHA VPP Star.

EnviroVac Service Lines

Dedicated to environmental and industrial cleaning services for over 25 years.

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