Health & Safety Are Our Top Priority

Commitment to Health and Safety

At EnviroVac, safety is our highest priority. Safe work practices are at the center of everything we do, from task conception to completion. Utilizing the most advanced technology available, EnviroVac performs safety audits at job sites on a daily basis using a digital platform. The audits allow us to closely monitor the details of each job, ensuring we are proactively targeting potential risk as well as utilizing data trends to create training.

Expectations and Leadership

Our commitment to safety begins every single day with “Be your Brother’s Keeper”. We look out for one another.

At The Clean Company, we have led the way in industrial cleaning with our safety practices. From countless hours of documented training to innovative new equipment, we pride ourselves in safety. EnviroVac utilizes its NCCER accredited training center to train all employees in the safe practices of hydroblasting.

Leading the Way in Trust & Transparency

These QR stickers are on the back of our employees hardhats, making it quick and easy to report both safe work observations and safety hazards.

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EnviroVac Safety & Operational Excellence Club

We are excited to announce the launch of EnviroVac’s Safety & Operational Excellence Club!  We understand that safety and operational excellence are paramount in our industry, and we want to reward those who take both seriously.  This exclusive club recognizes our Field Level Employees who achieve zero safety or operational infractions each quarter!  A drawing of all the achievers will be done at the close of each quarter for a very special prize!

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Congratulations 2022 Injury-Free Worksites & Crews

Safety is our top priority at EnviroVac. We understand the profound responsibility we bear, not only to our team but also to their loved ones and the clients who trust us with their projects. It is our commitment to provide the best training and tools necessary to ensure that every employee returns home safely every day.

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Since a Lost Time Injury



Since an Other Recordable Injury

Over 1 Million Man Hours Without a Lost Time or Recordable Injury!

Congrats to our EnviroVac Team on achieving over a million man-hours without a lost time or recordable injury! We actually hit this milestone back in October and are now well beyond 1.3 million man-hours, which is over 600 days! Thank you for the hard work, training, and dedication that goes into being your brother’s keeper!

Putting Our Technology to Work for You!

EnviroVac has adopted the HSI EHS platform to continue our venture to give our employees the most cutting edge technology to keep them safe. The HSI platform allows us to track leading indicators, lagging indicators and training all under one platform, making it easy to trend to data to watch for changes needed in our processes. Our safety team will use HSI to perform audits that will help us watch out and correct things that could lead to incident, while the lagging indicator side of the system will give us lesson learned to create or adapt training and SOP’s to prevent incidents from re occurring. EnviroVac is proud to continue offering our employees the best available tools necessary to send them home to their families every day.

EnviroVac performs safety audits weekly. Check out our stats.



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*JHSA stands for Job Hazard Safety Analysis

Certified Training

EnviroVac is a WJTA Verified Training Site and Field Verification Provider and every employee completes a 9-day training class including hands-on learning.

Our training includes:
  • OSHA 10 and OSHA 30 Training
  • Confined Space
  • Lock Out, Tag Out
  • Hazard Communication
  • Respiratory Training

Latest in Safety News

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What’s Your Why?

Why is safety on the job is a top priority for our team members? Just ask them!

“An accident brought us together, so I won’t let ONE take me out!”

-Brian G.

“The reason I work safe is because these 3 depend on me, and I depend on them to keep me motivated to push even harder “

-Billy H.

“My Family expects me home everyday, and I owe it to them to be safe so I don’t disappoint them.”

-Josh T.

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