What Our Customers are Saying

“EnviroVac continues to provide top notch support for the different mill needs. Whether it’s spill containment, hydroblasting or cleaning needs, the group provides both planned and emergency services without delay. The various departments have built quite a rapport with your company leading to safe and productive results.”

“The guys always do a great job. They are always willing to work with our ever-changing schedule. The equipment is always reliable. The safety ethics are top notch.”

“The job was completed in one shift, when in the past it has taken two shifts. Job well done!”

“The crew did a spectacular job working the issue! They were flexible and developed different approaches to the job, keeping safety first. Great leadership by crew, and their leader really demonstrated a lot of what EnviroVac is capable of: strong performance & results. Thanks!”

“EnviroVac did an amazing job on one of the most scaled up digesters I’ve ever seen. We foresaw 4-5 shifts of cleaning; they turned it into two. Great job guys! Thank you!”

“I like working with the crew of EnviroVac. They are good guys, and will accommodate any need we have.”

“I’m very pleased to report that your team supported all of the planned work done, as well as a significant amount of unplanned work that came up during our recent mill outage. Your team was able to move crews and equipment around to meet our needs in every situation…They were even able to accomplish significant clean-up of equipment (vacuum hoses, pressure hose, truck, etc) surpassing even my expectations. This allowed us to start back up without exposing employees to excessive trip hazards.”

“EnviroVac always does a great job for us. The job was done well, and cleaned up as it should be. Great attitude by these guys!”

“These are good folks to work with and around. They are very helpful on jobs, and patient with my timing.”

“Outstanding! All tasks were timely and efficient. EnviroVac performed with the level of professionalism that we’ve grown accustomed to. Great job guys!”


Overall Customer Satisfaction

*calculated from customer evaluation forms from January 2021 to March 2021

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