Pneumatic & Hydro Excavation

We use top notch technology to safely dig and remove soil for your job site.

Dig Safely

Our Pneumatic (air) and Hydro (water) Excavation Service is a safe, non-destructive, and cost-effective process that breaks up soil and removes it with vacuum technology. This process allows for precise excavation, eliminating the risk of damaging underground pipelines or utilities.

Our team customizes solutions to get your project done right and completed quickly.


  • Site preparation
  • Line exposing
  • Debris removal/ remediation
  • Pipe installation trenching
  • Exploratory trenching

Some Industries Served

  • Paper Mills
  • Steel Mills
  • Automotive Manufacturing
  • Refineries

A Focus on Safety

At EnviroVac, safety is our highest priority. Safe work practices are at the center of everything we do, from task conception to completion. EnviroVac is proud to be the only NCCER accredited industrial cleaning company in the Southeast, and we are honored to be the very first in our industry to obtain the prestigious OSHA VPP Star.

EnviroVac Service Lines

Dedicated to environmental and industrial cleaning services for over 25 years.

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