Welcome to June: A Message from Our CEO

Welcome to June: A Message from Our CEO

As we enter the sixth month of 2021, we have just completed many outages successfully and most importantly, safely. However, we still find ourselves being challenged by the global pandemic. While things are continuing to move in the right direction; it is clear that more time is needed before we all get back to “normalcy”.

The costs of the pandemic have been highly imbalanced. It ignited the most severe global economic tightening since the Great Depression and the sharpest fall off in equity markets in over 35 years. While some industries, particularly those that depend on people gathering in person, have suffered, others have prospered. And while the stock market recovery bodes well for growth as the pandemic wanes, our current situation remains one of a damaged economy, with high unemployment, small businesses closing daily, and families around the world still struggling to make ends meet.

Despite the gloom of the past 14 months, there are signs of hope. At EnviroVac, we are proud of the successes we have accomplished, but we know there is still work and processes to be improved. We want to continue to drive for clear goals, clear strategies, and clear accountabilities. We continue to review our safety process so that we can support its integrity, and this requires keeping our workforce trained, engaged, informed, and helping them feel fulfilled, committed, and motivated across the board. Safety is at the core of what we do, at all times.

Additionally, we work extraordinarily hard to maintain an intentional open dialogue with our employees and our customers to guarantee that EnviroVac continues to deliver value to our customers with the safest and best industrial cleaning services available. Thank you to our valued and loyal employees for their hard work, and dedication to their jobs.

We thank our customers for entrusting their business to us and for considering our services for their industrial cleaning needs. We maintain an absolute commitment to our customer relationships for safety, satisfaction, integrity and transparency. We thank our customers for the trust and confidence in EnviroVac, which has helped us continue to build an incredible company. We will continually task ourselves to do better, every day, at all times.

I personally still believe that the vaccine is a first step. The world is still in crisis and will be for some time. We need to move even faster – to create more jobs, more success, and more inclusivity. I have great confidence and trust in people and the ability of businesses to help move us out of this crisis and build a more inclusive entrepreneurship.

We will continue to face a great challenge ahead, but at EnviroVac we continue to embrace this challenge and seek ways to navigate it and to build a brighter future for all.

God bless and stay safe,
Kevin Jackson, CEO