Memorial Day Message from Our CEO

Memorial Day Message from Our CEO

This weekend we celebrate Memorial Day, we honor those who have given their lives during military service to our country.

Sadly, but also proudly, some of us probably have a friend or a family member whose lives of service included the ultimate sacrifice. We have many veterans in our great company from all branches of military service.

I personally want to think each and every one of you for protecting our way of life, never take for granted how much this country appreciates your service and keeping our freedoms. Thank you! Thank you!

Memorial Day originated as a day when flags and flowers were placed on the graves of soldiers who had died in the Civil War. But the reason we commemorate this day is found within our own Declaration of Independence, “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Surely, there is no more fitting way to honor those who gave their lives to their country than to celebrate the very qualities for which they died: life-in all its richness, liberty- to discover all that life has to offer, and the pursuit of happiness-through community, family, prosperity, religion, opportunity, freedom, equality, and safety. We enjoy these qualities each and every day because of the sacrifices of those whose lives and deaths became the measure of their ultimate commitment to our country.

And just as the spring flowers, all those many years ago decorated the graves of soldiers who died in the Civil War, we celebrate with family and somber remembrances as an indication of our enduring view that life is worth living, life is precious, and that America is kept strong by our veterans’ sacrifices. We must always remember their sacrifices and honor them, especially on Memorial Day.

So, please enjoy Memorial Day with family and friends and keep safe our Envirovac employees that will be working during the Memorial Day weekend. May God bless all our military and their families and may God bless America. We need it now more than ever.

Kevin Jackson, EnviroVac CEO