Introducing EnviroVac’s New Kick Start Training Program

Introducing EnviroVac’s New Kick Start Training Program

“Over the last few years, the way we work has changed a great deal. With these changes, came new challenges. EnviroVac took these challenges head on and started to create a development process that would give our employees a plan for success. The first part of this process we call the “Kickstart Program”. This part of the process was designed to get new hires the tools needed and give them an advocate to lean on for the first 90 days, while they adapt to the EnviroVac way of life. This process has been a huge success for us. Retention numbers have increased along with incidents have decreased with our newly hired employees. We look forward to seeing many more get a kickstart into their future with Envirovac!”
-Chase Conner, VP of Employee Health & Safety

Congratulations to our recent KickStart Graduates!

David Decker

William David

Tyler Jones

Manual Parker, Hailey Hornbeck, and Michael Powell