Happy November! A Message from our CEO

Happy November! A Message from our CEO

November is here! Believe it or not we are approaching the holiday season and the New Year! But the most important message I want to share this November is one of immense gratitude. In a world where the hustle and bustle keeps us moving at a record-breaking pace and the news, sadly, seems to share more bad news than good.

May this season of thanks fill your home with the warmth and happiness throughout the year. We are deeply grateful for your patronage and support. As the second wave of the pandemic is still present in our communities with the Delta Variant, please stay safe and healthy, and I again, encourage everyone to get vaccinated, it is still the first step.

Please remember that this month we celebrate Veteran’s Day on November 11, 2021. Veteran’s Day provides an opportunity for each of us to reflect on and to show our gratitude to the women and men who have given of themselves to defend our nation’s independence and through them our freedom as individual Americans. It is always so nice and with increasing frequency, I see people publicly thanking our service members who are in uniform. This display of gratitude is always very touching. Veteran’s Day also provides the opportunity to look back from the present and remember those individuals who have sacrificed for our country for more than two-and-half centuries. Our veterans, past and present are always vitally important and should always be revered and respected.

So, for now, it’s onwards and upwards! Economists are forecasting that US economic growth will be muted in 2022. But the pandemic is no longer seen as the main culprit. The biggest risks to growth, economists say, are supply-chain bottlenecks resulting from strong consumer demand for goods, purchasing non-American made products, lack of truck drivers, while increased prices and persistently high inflation could limit consumer spending.

Supply-chain woes are not the only contributor to high inflation. There is a shortage of available workers in many industries. The pandemic-battered restaurant sector, for example, is on a recovery path, recording higher sales and job openings, but the number of workers is falling. Some companies are offering higher wages to lure workers but then may also pass on the extra cost to consumers through higher prices—which could worsen inflation. To stay relevant and resilient during times of crisis, we will need to continue building, improving, and successfully serving all of our customers in 2021 and beyond.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday later this month; be safe in your travels!

Until December, as always stay safe,
Kevin Jackson, EnviroVac CEO