Growing Through Adversity: A Message From Our CEO

Growing Through Adversity: A Message From Our CEO

Fall is a little bit in the air and as the season begins to change from summer to fall here in Savannah, Georgia, I am reminded once again that changing and evolving in business and in life is inescapable.

As we have recently surpassed the two million man-hour mark without a loss time injury, I am extremely proud of how we continue to prioritize, grow and evolve in our safety process. We also continue to give precedence to exceptional customer service throughout our days, and how we continue to communicate, inspire and unify through these transformations while keeping our employees safe.

Make no mistake, this pandemic has been a source of tragedy, frustration and longing for the life we knew before COVID-19. That said, the teamwork and solutions that developed from this massive disruption have given us great new possibilities and opportunities for our future at EnviroVac and for us all to think about. I am proud of all our employees whether in the arena of the field or in the office for continuing to step up and continue to work hard every day with grit and determination.

There is no playbook or precedent for the environment that we continue to live in, as we balance the need to keep our employees safe with the need for our people to be employed. We know our employees and their families depend on both, and we take both responsibilities seriously.

Again, I implore you to get the vaccine. The vaccine continues to be the first step. The world is still in crisis and will be for some time. We face a great challenge ahead. The companies that embrace this challenge and seek to build long-term value for their customers and employees will help deliver long-term returns and build a brighter and more prosperous future.

My heartfelt thanks to all of my employees for your efforts, your hard work, your commitment, and especially, your trust. I also thank our customers for their confidence in our abilities in numerous applications for industrial cleaning.

Stay safe, stay healthy,

Kevin Jackson, EnviroVac CEO