Focusing on Safety: WJTA Hydroblaster Training and Certification

Focusing on Safety: WJTA Hydroblaster Training and Certification

We believe that our people are our most valuable asset. We continually look for ways to provide the safest environment possible for our employees and our customers.

EnviroVac VP of Health & Safety, Chase Conner, and Manager of Training & Employee Development, Kirby Baxter, recently traveled to Houston to take part in WJTA’s Hydroblaster Training and Certification Program.

“I am absolutely thrilled to become a trainer for the WJTA Certified Blaster course. This information will help bring awareness to the dangers of our industry, on top of bringing standardization of safe work practices in the field. As always, EnviroVac is staying strong in ensuring we do everything to give our team the knowledge and skills to go home to their families safely!” said Conner.

His enthusiasm for the experience was echoed by Baxter. “The WJTA Training was wonderful to attend, and I am excited about the benefits it will bring to EnviroVac. The content and industry-specific work practice standardization will ensure we are adhering to the most up-to-date safety and best practices. By having a trainer within our company, we can implement the WJTA Blaster Certification into our Employee Development program. This will ensure our employees are getting the best-of-the-best classroom and hands-on training.”

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