Executive Leadership Training

Executive Leadership Training

Another great example of EnviroVac investing in their people!

EnviroVac partnered with TribusAllen last week to provide enhanced leadership training & team building to the Executive Team. The seminar was led by top experts in their field with consultants Mark Tribus & David Beale.

We all learned a lot about ourselves and each other with many laughs along the way. The training provided an abundance of life learning lessons ready to be used immediately.

The lively activities & training focused on three main areas:
1. Leading Self: self-awareness & leadership
2. Leading & Building high performing teams
3. Leading organizations through growth, change & innovation.

The results were tremendous with an alignment of our Go-Forward Strategy, Action Items, and agreed upon accountability for each team member. The optimized guided reflection of Self-Awareness & learned knowledge in Building a Successful Team was designed to assist & guide our leaders to the next level of successful leadership and the confidence to take immediate action.
Thank you to all who participated!