EnviroVac Leadership Team Training with TribusAllen

EnviroVac Leadership Team Training with TribusAllen

Thank you to the TribusAllen Group for their professional assistance in providing training to foster trust, authenticity, and collaboration within the EnviroVac Leadership Team.

The offsite training created opportunities for developing and refining leadership & management competencies, specifically leading change, time management, and transformational leadership.

The group was welcomed with team challenges & exercises along with honest feedback and constructive advice in moving themselves and the company forward to operate at a higher level.

Personal and Team expectations were discussed & reviewed, and priorities & goals were set for the remainder of 2021 and beyond.

Lots of laughs as well as some serious moments occurred and were part of the learning process. All of us are looking forward to sharing the learned knowledge as well as practicing what we learned with the rest of our co-workers. The next training session is scheduled for mid-July with a larger group of EnviroVac Employees as we continue to invest in professional development for our employees.

Michael DAngelo