EnviroVac Core Values and How We Live Them Everyday

EnviroVac Core Values and How We Live Them Everyday

Some companies hang their core values on the wall and they are never discussed again. They make for attractive wall décor, but alas, do not act as the guiding compass of the organization. EnviroVac has taken the opposite approach to incorporating their core values into their daily operations.

The 5 Core Values that every employee holds near and dear are:

  • Safety
  • Quality
  • People
  • Training
  • Community

Safety makes perfect sense to be at the top of the list. We live, breath and discuss how to keep our employees and clients safe every day. We start each meeting talking about our mission of being safe, and those words have translated into action. As a company, we are beyond proud of meeting the goal of over 1.5 million man hours without a recordable accident. That just shows how our core value of quality is incorporated into our work. We hire the best of the best, to ensure that the work that we do is the best in the business. Our dedication to quality shows through in our extremely high customer satisfaction scores. Our people are high quality, or work is high quality and the equipment we use to do our jobs is the best. Speaking of our people, we have the best in the business. We make sure to treat every one of our 500 employees like family. We celebrate the wins together and relish in taking the time to ensure our employees are trained and prepared to do their job every day. Training is paramount at EnviroVac. We don’t just offer our employees a job, we provide them with a career. EnviroVac University uses state of the art training techniques to ensure that before arriving on a job site, our employees are prepared and ready for anything using hands on training methodologies. Almost as important as all of the internally focused values is our commitment to the communities that we serve. EnviroVac ensures that we give back to causes that make our office locations strong communities by providing money and volunteers.

In addition to our pride in the work that we do, we treat each other with respect and work hard for our clients all while supporting our communities. We hope that rather than having to recite our values, a bystander would be able to tell what we hold near and dear based on our actions.

Margaux Kaynard
EnviroVac Director of Human Resources & Recruiting