Empowering Employees While Increasing Efficiency

Empowering Employees While Increasing Efficiency

At EnviroVac, we are proud to promote internally and provide opportunities for our employees to grow and develop professionally. This commitment can be seen in the recent addition of a formalized Jr. Operator Training Program as part of EnviroVac University.

In the words of Jeremy Stacy, Senior Vice President of Operations-Central Region, “We strive to empower our employees with the tools and knowledge necessary to excel in their careers. Having these types of training initiatives helps us to gain and retain top talent, increases overall job satisfaction and morale, while improving the productivity and longevity of our equipment.”

Jason Stacy, West/Central Region Outage Team Manager, and his team, have stepped up and taken the lead in conducting this training. Jason says, “I’m a major advocate for preventative maintenance and of learning something new. Both of these are included in the Jr. Operator Training class. In today’s world and with costs through the roof, it is extremely beneficial to have our equipment operating efficiently. Teaching proper operations and drilling down the do’s and don’ts helps extend the life of our equipment. Not only does it extend the life, but it also reduces overall maintenance cost. The other important thing to note for me is that I like to see people progress and be better tomorrow. Being able to help someone advance their knowledge base and career is what I love.”

Our attendees had nothing but rave reviews for the training and the facilitators. Quinton Meaders, a Technician and a participant in the training, commented, “Best training I have had at EnviroVac. Jason and Zane took time to explain things in detail and show us. I thought I knew a lot about the vac truck and blaster, but there were a lot of things that I did not know or did not know why we did them.”

Charlie Caldwell, Interim Corporate Safety Manager, also had the opportunity recently to experience the Jr. Operator Training that was facilitated by Jason Stacy and Zane Cradic at the Columbus, MS office. Charlie shared that the training was 8hrs and was very in depth on the operations of the vacuum truck and water blaster. He echoed the remarks of other attendees. “Zane and Jason both did a phenomenal job in explaining, showing, and engaging with all of the group and I personally learned a lot about vacuuming and blasting that I had never had the opportunity to be shown or had seen at this point.” Charlie went on to say, “If all trainings follow suit to this one, the value will be considerable to help us improve and move forward successfully.”

Thank you to everyone who played a part in the development of the new Jr. Operator Training Program!

Congratulations to these EnviroVac team members who have completed the first phase of the Jr. Operators Training Program! We look forward to watching you grow as you complete this program and advance in your career!