Celebrating Safety: Congratulations 2022 Injury-Free Worksites & Crews

Celebrating Safety: Congratulations 2022 Injury-Free Worksites & Crews

It’s time to celebrate the commitment and dedication of our EnviroVac Crews at Kraton, SNF and IP Port Wentworth. Special Safe Work Lunches were held to recognize and thank these teams for their hard work.

“Our people and their safety are the number one priority in our company. These sites were recognized and thanked for their hard work and the diligence each of them places on working safely so they can go home the way they come to work. Each site achieved a year of safe work with no injuries. Congratulations and thank you for a great, safe year and for “Being your Brothers Keeper.” –Kirby Baxter, Manager of Training & Employee Development

“The Safety of our employees is not only our top priority, it’s our obligation. Our obligation to our employees, their families and to our customers. We take pride in knowing that we give our employees the best training and tools necessary to come home safely every day. These sites took this obligation seriously. They were their brother’s and sister’s keeper all year long in 2022. Thanks to all of our injury free worksites and crews. I look forward to awarding you all again for being injury free in 2023!” – Chase Conner, VP of Employee Health & Safety

Kraton Team

(Pictured Left to Right) Hunter Baxley, Juan Sanchez, Mario Addison, Kobie Brinkley, and Logan Kirton

SNF Team

(Pictured Left to Right) Chris Nichols, Charlie Dixon, and William Bond

IP Port Wentworth Team

(Pictured Left to Right) Willie Arkwright , Jack Wuchter, and Peter Gustav