And The Winners Are…

And The Winners Are…

EnviroVac truly cares about its people and their families. Each and every day, the company puts an emphasis on safety and leading each other to complete all jobs with best safety practices. In an effort for EnviroVac families to share how much this means to them, we launched a Safety Poster Contest this fall. The guidelines were simple: “Grab your family and your craft supplies, and design a poster that represents EnviroVac’s safety first culture! Take a photo with your family and your safety poster and submit it for a chance to win a $750 Amazon gift card.” From October 8th through November 15th the entries flooded in. We loved seeing the creativity, thoughtful taglines, beautiful artwork and most especially the appreciation that our families have for our daily commitment to safety.

We couldn’t help but share their works of art with you! Here are some of the original slogans from the posters:

  • “Our family counts on you and EnviroVac! Work safely to live safely… So we can keep our world turning at home.”
  • “Safety is important to us and every dad/mom/aunt/uncle/grandpa or grandma that works at EnviroVac because at the end of each shift we want to see everyone go home to their families.”
  • “Every season safety rocks at EnviroVac”
  • “Be Your Brother’s Keeper”
  • “Fired up for safety”
  • “We’re always doing our best to keep our coworkers safe and our workplace free of hazards. We all have people counting on us to come home… In our case, we have 4.”
  • “Starts with us and ends with us. Behind this poster, these three depend on me and my EnviroVac family to work safely!”

After all the posters were in and the submission window ended, our panel of judges voted on their favorites based on creativity, accuracy and relatability. The judges’ pick was 50% of the overall vote. The other 50% came from the crowd favorite based on social media insights. The votes are in, and the winners are:

  1. Willie Arkwright
  2. Corey Smith
  3. Mike Fondren

We’re thankful for our EnviroVac families and all of our team members’ commitment to safety! Stay tuned for our next contest…