A True Game Changer

A True Game Changer

EnviroVac is excited to announce a new process that will not only be advantageous to us but will also be a key tool for our customers that use iAuditor.

We now have a QR Code sticker that will be on all employee hard hats, that allows anyone to scan and report our employees working safely, or vice versa, to report an issue that we as a company need to resolve or revisit.

We will be promoting this procedure as an involvement tool to give everyone access to report anything, anytime, anywhere. Pure transparency.

Additionally, if a customer sees an employee or group of employees going above and beyond, and has done everything right, that customer can scan one hard hat sticker, list the team and nominate them as Safety Champions. This recognition from a customer will go a long way with the employees nominated as a Safety Champion.

QR Codes can be scanned to report any of the following:

  • Safe Work Observations
  • Unsafe Work Observations
  • Near Miss Events
  • Incidents
  • Hazards

The stickers are being distributed now across the board so you should start seeing them on the back of all employee hardhats soon.

We already had an unsafe condition reported through this system last night and have resolved the situation today, making this job safer for our team and our customers.

A lot of things get called “game changers” these days that are just for hype. We truly believe that this is a game-changer and one that shows our customers we are committed to safety and always improving at each job.