90 Day Weight Loss Challenge – Having Fun Promoting Wellness at EnviroVac

90 Day Weight Loss Challenge – Having Fun Promoting Wellness at EnviroVac

Over the last three months, our employees went head-to-head in a 90 Weight Loss Challenge, in an effort to create healthier lifestyles. And as always, EnviroVac showed up for the challenge!
Here’s how it worked: We split up the participants (EnviroVac team members) into two teams: Team Nature Boy (led by our CEO Kevin Jackson) versus Team Dirty Birds. All participants worked hard, improved their diets, became more active and truly saw a difference over a 90 day span. In the end, the team with the total percentage lost was the winner of the 90 day Weight Loss Challenge! Team Dirty Birds walked away with the gold medal at 8.06% weight loss and Team Nature Boy was just behind them with 7.05% weight loss. As a company, we are so proud to announce that we lost a total of 382.9 lbs.!

Congratulations to all of our winners!

Our individual winner of EnviroVac’s Weight Loss Challenge was Max Dunigan who lost 32.6 pounds (that’s 14.44% of his weight lost). He shared some wonderful insight with us, “The biggest contribution to my success is the fact that my wife embraced the diet as well and we were able to keep each other honest. We decided to go the Keto route, and this meant a total of 20 carbs a day. We cut way back on our alcohol intake and completely quit drinking beer. The motivation was simple, I am very competitive so if I was going to partake in this challenge I was going to win even if it meant having salad while everyone was eating pizza around me.” His biggest tip to those just getting started is to start a food journal and, “really think if that thing you are craving will really be worth it.”

Max goes on to say, “My wife and I have decided to make this weight loss challenge a part of our lives every year going forward.”

This is what it’s all about to us as a company. EnviroVac leaders decided to create this challenge in an effort to create long term, positive impacts in our employees’ lives. Stay tuned for our next wellness challenge as we continue to help our employees to be the best that they can be, so that we can provide the best service to our customers.